I am looking for a loving and caring home for my 2 miniature dachshunds, One is a female who is red named louise and the male is a black and tan named walter. They are both 3 and a half. I stress that you must be a dog lover for these 2. And since they are older they are out of the puppy stage and listen great!
I am looking for a older home with no kids. These 2 are a great and lovable pair! I love them very much but because of moving i need to get rid of them. They are cuddly and snuggle. They sleep in their kennel at night and are great traveling because they are kenneled trained.
Included with walter and louise will be kennel, bowls, toys, dog bed, portable kennel and a lot more other things.
please if you are interested and would love to give them a home e-mail me!